How to use the HALE help

The HALE help is available both online and in your version of HALE. The online help misses some information that is provided on-the-fly in HALE, e.g. the transformation function reference and the detailed reference for I/O providers for use with the command line interface. In some help topics live actions are provided, that allow you to directly perform a specific task in your currently running version of HALE. Here is an example: command linkImport source schema

In HALE you have different means to access the help, you should know how to use them to be able to find the right help topics quickly:

Dynamic help

When you have selected a specific view (e.g. the Schema Explorer) you can press F1 to find out what help topics are associated to it. HALE provides associated help topics for most of the views and even for specific objects. You can select a mapping cell or function and will be presented a link to the corresponding help topic in the function reference.

The image below shows the list of topics in the dynamic help when you select a Rename relation in the Alignment view:

Help Browser

Use the Help Browser if you want to get an overview on the help and browse through tasks, views and the reference. The simplest way to open the Help Browser is the HALE toolbar:

Please note that in the Help Browser you also have the option to search the complete help for specific terms.