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2.9.0 release
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  1. transformation CLI: support multiple sources (detail / redmineweb)
  2. fixed possible NPE (detail / redmineweb)
  3. fixed possible NPE for CLI executions (detail / redmineweb)
  4. transformation CLI: provide GroovyService to transformation environment (detail / redmineweb)
  5. update help on transformation CLI (detail / redmineweb)
  6. for project export, work on a copy of the project object (detail / redmineweb)
  7. What's new for HALE 2.9.0 (detail / redmineweb)
  8. fixed help css (detail / redmineweb)
  9. readded liveeditor feature to HALE product (detail / redmineweb)
  10. updated target platform - new version of FME plugin UI (detail / redmineweb)
  11. added feature for Software Updates (detail / redmineweb)
  12. removed live editor from product (detail / redmineweb)
  13. prepare 2.9.0 release (detail / redmineweb)

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